With the 2017 Capitol Cup Taekwondo Championships a fun, successful and eventful tournament for competitors, coaches, spectators, and staff alike. I would like to personally invite and welcome all of you to the 2018 Capital Cup Taekwondo Championship on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Folsom Lake College. Folsom Lake College has newly built gymnasiums located in Folsom, CA with 2 gymnasiums which fit the needs of competitors, spectators and referees. We will try our best to uphold the culture and tradition of Taekwondo by providing a SAFE, FAIR AND MEMORABLE event for all the participants at our tournament.

We are also hosting a USAT Referee Seminar a day before the tournament to invite the best qualified referees and educate them to be fair, safe and up to date with rules and regulations for our competitors.

This is a great opportunity for your students to gain valuable competition experience, develop self-confidence in themselves, and most of all, foster a winning attitude that all competitors will acquire and use to flourish throughout their life.

With this,

I will promise you this tournament will provide the safest facility for all the competitors.
I will promise you this tournament will provide the best qualified referees, nationally and internationally certified and approved by USA Taekwondo and World Taekwondo Federation.
I will promise you at this tournament, this will be a  great opportunity for you to gain valuable experience in Taekwondo competitions.

Also, we are excited to dedicate 2-3 rings for Sport Poomsae and we will be recruiting qualified poomsae referees for the most accurate results!

We look forward to welcoming  you to the 2018 Capital Cup Taekwondo Championship.

Thank you and Good luck to all competitors!


Master Jong Yi,

Tournament Director

USA Taekwondo Poomae/Kyoruki Referee Seminar Instructor
WTF Poomsae/Kyoruki International Referee
Hanwoori Poomsae Team Head Coach
High Five Taekwondo Master Instructor
Former UC Davis Coach
Former National Collegiate Taekwondo Association, Poomsae Coach.